Q1: How is Sister Card Club different from debutante?

The girls who participate in the debutante balls and galas are presented and declared young ladies simply because they have turned 16 years old. Sister Card Club girls take themselves on an intention journey to earn their rite of passage to adult hood. They are trained and coached in the life skills need to be a young woman. In other words earn their official Sister Card, which symbolizes that they know what it take to be a sophisticated young woman.

Q2: How can I start a Sister Card Club chapter in my community?

Easy. Just email us at info@sistercardclub.com, and let us know of your interest. Our program is suitable as an after school program at your school, housing community, or church.

Q3: Is it possible for parents to be involved in the chapter in some way?

YES! As a matter of fact when the parent completes the registration form they consent to volunteer for a minimum of two (2) community service hours.

Q4: What is a Rite of Passage program?

A rite of passage program marks and celebrates important and note worthy stages in a person’s life. Sister Card Club members mark and celebrate the many different stages of being a tween and teen.

Q5: My church's youth minister wants to start a Sister Card Club chapter at our church. What is the first step?

Just email us at info@sistercardclub.com and an associate will contact you to get the process started.

Q6: What else does the Sister Card Club offer?

We also offer workshops on the following topics: Manners and etiquette, personal branding for children, and emotional intelligence for youth. Send us an email (info@sistercardclub.com) to book a workshop for your afterschool program, church event or your housing community.