What is The Sister Card Club?

The Sister Card Club is an exciting and innovative program that is “The Coming of Age” program for today’s tween and teen girls. It is a rite of passage that gives the girls the permission and the tools necessary to become and be the best young woman they can be.

The Sister Card Club Story

Letter From the Founder

Several years ago, while working with tween and teen girls at my church, I realized that they didn’t have the life skills that I had taught my own daughters over their early years. So I went looking for a book that the girls could read to help boost their positive self esteem, teach them how to care for themselves, and learn basic life skills. I mentioned to a friend that I could not find such a book. His response was “Girl, I am going to take your sister card away from you. You have the book right there, and he pointed to my head. I thought to myself, “He’s right. Yes, I will write a book and call it The Sister Card Club, and when the girls complete the book they will get a “sister card.”

That’s how the Sister Card Club was born. I’d never even thought about publishing a book before, but I began working with the girls weekly to determine just what it is they needed to help lead them on a journey to become confident, self-loving, growth-oriented, civic-minded, and responsible citizen of the world. Before I realized it the girls were looking forward to coming to “club” meetings.

The best part of this experience has been “witnessing the ‘light’ that comes into the eyes of the girls as they begin to understand their self worth, and core life values such as love of self, love of others, truth, honesty, being true to themselves. The girls will also learn about social behavior, teamwork, etiquette, civics, emotional health and spiritual wealth.

Club participants will acquire the life skills, resources, empowerment and permission necessary to become and be confident, self-loving, growth-oriented, civic-minded, and responsible citizens of the world. It is designed to give girls a rite of passage providing direction and support to achieve specific, and important milestones in their social, emotional, physical and spiritual development. A participant in the club will complete specific benchmarks that demonstrate her knowledge and understanding of the responsibility that comes with being an adult.

There are many organizations that currently exist that “present” girls at debutante balls and other gala affairs. However, these are the girls whose parents or guardians have the money and resources to pay for the expensive fees and gowns needed to participate in the these events. Also, there are several boys and girls clubs and organization that serve our youth, but none like the Sister Card Club. This club is the new coming-of-age journey for girls all around the world. Through this program thousands of girls will receive “Sister Cards.”

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Regina Frazier

Advisory Board Chair
Regina is active in the Sister Card Club as the Advisory Board Chair. She is a licensed Pk-12 special education teacher and a licensed administrator in the state of Virginia. She is currently a PRISE  (Policy & Research-Intensive Special Educator)  scholar at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia pursuing her doctorate in Special Education. She is a proud alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture. Her master’s of education in administrative supervision is from Virginia State University. Regina’s policy and research interests lie in developing, implementing, and evaluating strategic initiatives to improve the education provided to children and youth with disabilities.  She is passionate to help find solutions to address our pervasive shortage of special education-licensed teachers and prepare effective teachers of reading.

Email: howardrp@alumni.vcu.edu