In Mission and Vision

Our mission here at Sister Card Club is to help the young girls in your communities become a card carrying sister.

What does it mean to become a card carrying sister? Glad you asked! When the girls in your life get their Sister Cards it means that they have been empowered with the tools, resources, and permission to become productive, confident, self-loving, growth-oriented, civic-minded adults, and responsible citizens of their communities. This is our Mission Statement, and our Vision is that every girl in the world is given the opportunity and permission to be the best woman she can be.

On the first meeting the girls pledge to embark on an intentional journey to know their many “selves.” There is an immediate spark of curiosity that lights up their lives and they begin to become aware of the value of their self-worth, where they came from, and that they can dream and they should dream big! . . . it changes their lives right then and there.

Still you ask how are we so confident that the Sister Card Club is the best coming-of-age program for today’s girls, and that this Mission is Possible.

Well, it’s simple. It is because we mentor, we coach, we nurture, we affirm, we engage our girls to a status of supreme empowerment, we give them a sense of inclusion, and sisterhood. Even in the first meeting the girls get a sense of ownership of their existence in relation to their communities, which they learn is their home, school, neighborhood, city, state and county. They begin to think about who they are and who they can become.

The girls also begin to experience something else that is very simple . . . the gift of high expectations. As soon as they are told that they are expected to do a certain task, or be a certain way, you can just see the look on their faces . . . you can tell they are thinking . . . almost as though they are memorizing or studying how to accomplish the expectation. This helps them because they begin to become aware of being responsible. They don’t really understand the mechanism of what is happening in their brain, but we truly believe that high expectations bring about high performance, and the girls show this as they journey.

Also, the Sister Card Club is an “every girl” coming of age system that is designed to create a sisterhood of mentors. The girls know they are expected to become mentors to their peers, younger and older.

So you see, our mission is not only possible, it is conceivable, doable, and practicable . . . It is happening!

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Signing off as:
Mission Happening!